Our Story

“Clothing” a form of self expression. Whether it be any function, a formal meeting or casual get together to think about what to wear is basic. And, to find out the best to wear is obviously a best feeling.
Started in 2076 , Sparsha was outset with the idea of creating a beautiful Nepali clothing brand for our people . Be it teens or adults your satisfaction with our products is the main focus. We work to create a true Nepali brand that adds Nepali pan to the trending fashion with best quality possible.
How did we start?
There are numbers of fabricating factories here who manufactures amazing clothing products but, ends up tagging the foreign brand names.
Why are we doing this?
Why can’t we build our own name, our own brand?
If we fabricate the products, if the hand in the sewing machine to the hand that delivers the product is ours, if the effort is ours, if the time spent is ours, why don’t we rise with our own brand name?
Let us shape our own value, let us give our creations our name.
And this was the main drive behind initiating “Sparsha”.
What do we make?
We fabricate seasonal clothing varieties for teens and adults.
Located at Lokanthali, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal.
We are within reach through our