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Capmask from Sparsha


Capmask is the product introduced by Sparsha Clothing Pvt. Ltd. The product carries an idea of comforting people in their daily life where, we are all impelled to wear mask to protect us from pollution and subside the risk of the current pandemic Covid -19 along with other safety measures.


In the current atmosphere where everyone of us are compelled to wear mask the moment we step out of our homes Job holders, students or any respective people who stays outside for longer period of time frequently faces problem of pain in the outer part of the ear due to wearing of mask for a prolonged period of time.


Capmask is a fresh product where we have innovatively designed  cap with special handmade wooden  buttons on the either side of it to hold the mask on ( we can also simply call it a mask holder as well), making it comfortable to wear and helps us get rid of the ear pain inspite of wearing it for longer hours.Along with it we have our Sparsha three layered cotton mask. 


Cotton Cap : We have designed cotton caps which is softer, comfortable and easy to wear. It protects the the scalp and hair from the dust, pollution and sunlight/UV rays. The button on the either side can also be hidden if we choose to only wear a cap and not a mask with it. The cap goes well with any other medical masks as well. It can be wore for a casual as well as formal meets.


The cap can be softly hand washed and sundried .


Cloth Mask : Our cloth mask is a three layered mask.

Outer layer- Designed cotton fabric

Middle layer- Non wooven fabric (filter)

Inner layer – Plain off white cotton fabric(easy to notice any dirt or nasal and oral secretion) 


The mask protect us from dust , smoke, pollution , pollens, mold, microscopic airborne contaminants and respiratory droplets from the other person. And also helps in source cobtrol ( does not let the respiratory droplets of the wearer to spread in the air) 

Along with the other safety measures, wearing of cloth mask helps us subside the risk of the current pandemic Covid -19.


The cloth mask is not recommended  for: 

– Childrens younger than 2 years of age

– people older than 60 years of age

– Any body having breathing problems, incapticated, unconscious.

– This mask is not an medical mask hence it is not recommended for Frontline Health worker inside the medical setup or for anyone who is in close contact with critically ill people.


The mask should be washed and sun dried each time after  using to keep it free from any contaminants and dirt.


Along with safety, the new design and a unique collaboration of cap and a mask also adds up charm to the fashion segment. Can be wore with any outfits it is worth a try.

please feel free to give your feedback which is very valuable to us.

We try our best to ease our people so if you want to buy any of the single product( only a mask or only a cap) , we are also open for that :-