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Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery a flawless art, is a craft of bringing life in any form of picture, image, portrait or shot. It  is the best way to illustrate the artist’s impression into a visible form. The art of embroidery has come into practice from very early and has been found worldwide.

An aesthetic work which needs a perfect coordination and blend of needle work , threads and fabric is the embroidery’s speciality. And because it is done purely with hands this shoot up  its value.

Sparsha has brought hand embroidery T- shirts for our lovely people, we have it for males, females and unisex as well.We do not compromise with quality , hence we have made the T- shirts with the best quality possible. 

Hand embroidery T-shirts have its own special attributes, it needs special effort and attention while being made and looks super cool on anybody. For all those people who value artistry and love pure hand work, hand embroidery is a worthy option for  them.