Comfy Catch-The Denim (Light Blue-Unisex)


Out for a coffee? Have a plan for exciting date? Or, just a casual family or friends meet?

Well, the most thought topic in such times is “What to wear?” You want to wear something special yet simple, something fashionable yet comfortable and something funky yet decent. So here we have the unique Denim Set, to keep everyone’s eye on you, to make your special time filled with fun, photographs and comfort. We have all loved jeans wear, but the co feeling in jeans are quite questionable. Our new denim set is mainly focused on the comfortability we all look forward while wearing any outfits.

Jeans have never been this comfortable is what the set defines, the set comes with a name “Comfy Catch – The Denim”

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Quality feature :

*Flat Rouleau Button loop:

The easy and stylish button placket in Contrast black is provide in the neck line placket area, Either side of the hip part and cargo pants. The plackets are designed to make the wear comfortable and add a spice of unique touch in the outfit.

*Cargo Pockets:

Because we always have this and that to carry with ourselves, our designers have designed spacious cargo pockets to fit in your things comfortably.

Half placket pullover :

The denim set is introduced with the theme ” Jeans have never been this comfortable” and to make the wear easy and comfy ,the pullover is is provided with half placket. You will need just few seconds to wear and take off the set.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 5 cm