Storm Hunter- Royal Blue & Black (Unisex Jacket)


The busy and bumpy schedule of today demands not only a simple wear but a multipurpose unique attire that can make our lives easier. STORM HUNTER MULTIPURPOSE JACKETS is one of them to slay its wearers. The multipurpose garment pampers you with its uses and comfort in parallel. Thanks for its unique design and special features.

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Quality Features


Made with Gore-tex fabric The Storm Hunter is impact with its Waterproof & Windproof quality. The additional storm flap on the main front zipper makes it more secure.

Optional Hood:-

The hood attached to back side of the neck line protects the hair and head from unwanted external factors which can be wore under helmet as well, however the option to not use it is also provided. As the hood can be settled in a small back pouch.

Cargo Pockets and Adjustable Drawcord:-

The cargo design provide the pockets with enough space to use, covered with a stylish flap. The pockets are also provided in the inner chest area. Drawcord in either side of the hood provide a snug fit to prevent wind and rain from getting into The storm.

Auto Adjustable Belt:-

Flexibility collects one more point from the auto adjustable belt that gives the wearer a firm look.


The product has its inner layer with additional net fabric which makes it super breathable and easy to wear.

Relaxed fit: –

The storm has a standard longer length feature for extra protection and easy wear.

Suitable for all seasons, The Storm Hunter focuses on its flamboyant look along with its features. The jacket also protect you from dust and pollution. This unisex product can be worn and enjoyed by each one of us.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 5 cm