Storm Hunter 3.0- Red Black (Unisex Jacket)



  • 3 Layer Polyamide Fabric
  • Waterproof and Windproof 
  • Extra added Dual Storm Flap with Velcro
  • Armpit Ventilation
  • Elastic Waistband: 
  • Taping for Waterproof
  • Unisex Design
  • Premium Quality

Made In Nepal


Storm Hunter ⚡  3.0 is the advanced and polished version of Storm Hunter Introduced in 2022! The Multipurpose Jacket has been launched with a lot of added features targeting waterproofing and windproofing. 3.0 is designed and manufactured to be the best ultimatum for outdoor adventurer lovers. 

This unisex outdoor wear is made focusing on each details precisely. While 3.0 can be relied on for extra protection from unpredictable weather, the looks and style it adds to the wearer is also given up most value. 

Whether embarking an epic hike or simply heading to the office, high altitude trek or a sudden thunder and rain STORM HUNTER 3.0 will be your best companion. ONE FOR ALL! 


Fabric used : 3 Layer Polyamide Fabric, This special fabric provides excellent protection against harsh weather conditions such as rain , wind, polluted air and maintains breathability and comfort. 

The hero feature : Waterproof and Windproof , the unbeatable combination of these two features protects you in the drizzle rainfall, windy weather, hard sun rays and pollution.

Please note it’s designed to withstand drizzle rainfall rather than heavy downpours. Keep in mind that during heavy downpours, it’s recommended not to place your electrical items or other belongings in the pockets to ensure their safety.

Dual Storm Flap: Extra added Dual Storm Flap with Velcro to keep you dry and comfortable with heaviest rainfall and wind ensuring total protection.

Auto Adjustable Cuff: Experience a perfect fit every time with the auto adjustable cuffs that adapt to your wrist size in comfort fit.

Armpit Ventilation: This feature is specifically and very consciously developed to help you stay cool and comfortable during intense activities, traffic jams, and changing weather conditions with built-in armpit ventilation. This thoughtful feature allows for optimal airflow, keeping you fresh and at ease, no matter the situation. 

Elastic Waistband: Enjoy freedom of movement without compromising on style with the elastic waistband that ensures a snug yet flexible fit. 

Taping for Waterproof: Seamlessly designed with waterproof taping, our jacket ensures waterproofing for worry-free adventures or just regular rides. 

Unisex Design: 3.0 is thoughtfully crafted as a unisex design that fits and flatters everyone. It lets you embrace style and functionality, regardless of gender. 

Premium Quality: 3.0 has been given extra attention to its finishing, manufacturing and detailing. Hence the quality has not been compromised from any angle which makes sure for its exceptional performance. 



Gentle Hand Wash : We request you to not prioritize machine wash for this Jacket as the waterproofing taping can worn out damaging the fabric and its water resistant properties. We also request you to please avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.  * Gentle handwash with room temperature water is recommended. 

Zipper Closure During wash: Before washing, make sure to zip up all the zippers to prevent snagging during the washing process. 

Mild Detergent: Use a mild detergent to clean the jacket. Harsh chemicals can degrade the fabric’s performance, so opt for a gentle and eco-friendly option. 

Do Not Soak: Avoid soaking the jacket for extended periods, as this can affect its water-resistant properties. Promptly remove the jacket from the washing machine right after the cycle is complete if you choose machine wash in any case. 

Rinse Thoroughly: Ensure all detergent is thoroughly rinsed out from the fabric. Leftover detergent can impact the jacket’s water repellency. 

Drying: Line drying is the best option for preserving the jacket’s quality. Hang it in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. Avoid wringing or twisting the jacket. 

Do Not Iron: Avoid ironing the jacket, as excessive heat can ruin the waterproof and windproof coatings. 

Reapply DWR: Over time, the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating may wear off. To maintain water resistance, consider reapplying a DWR spray after several washes. 

Strongly Advised to Hand Wash: To ensure the longevity of the waterproof and windproof features, we recommend hand washing the Storm Hunter Multipurpose Jacket. Gently clean the jacket with cold water and a mild detergent to maintain its performance and protect its quality. 

By following these simple wash care instructions, you can keep your Storm Hunter Multipurpose Jacket in excellent condition and ready for countless adventures ahead.

Have a beautiful experience with Storm Hunter 3.0 !

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 5 cm